[Bug 1637] Broken CVS Ids

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Wed Jul 28 12:31:58 UTC 2010


--- Comment #1 from Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com> 2010-07-28 07:31:57 CDT ---
For some reason, some recent version of CVS has decided .doc
files are binary.  Any idea how to tell it .doc files are not binary
for us?  I thought this command sequence would work and it does not appear to.

[joel at localhost tar01]$ cvs admin -kv *doc
RCS file: /usr1/CVS/rtems/testsuites/libtests/tar01/tar01.doc,v
[joel at localhost tar01]$ cvs commit -m "Value substitute." *doc
[joel at localhost tar01]$ rm *doc
[joel at localhost tar01]$ cvs up -Pd 2>&1 | grep -v ^cvs
U tar01.doc
[joel at localhost tar01]$ head *doc
#  $Id$

Hmmm.. the ,v file on the server for this one has:

expand  @v@;

while another I haven't done the admin on has 

expand  @b@;

So it looks like the admin works but there is still no expansion on the
checkout.  The Id is expanded in the ,v file.  Perhaps the file just needs
a real change and check in for this to be visible.

If you think the ,v files are right, I will run the admin command on all
of them, make a change, commit, undo it, commit and see if the expansion 
is working.

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