[Bug 1712] Add LWIP Support to RTEMS

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> > > 
> > > Nothing that I am aware about qualifies LWIP to be close to "a standard
> > > solution". To me, it's yet another more or less complete IP stack, not more and
> > > not less.
> > > 
> > > Also, from a project maintainer's view, adding a second IP stack is a
> > > maintenance nightmare - Something I am not by any means keen on to support.
> > 
> > Targets with 256k ROM and 64k RAM will not work with the BSD stack.  It is also
> > easier to implement real time processing with lwIP due to its low stack
> > complexity.
> This is valid and I understand the use case but does that mean we need to add
> the stack to RTEMS. Can it be a separate package and maintained as such ? Can
> the RTEMS support be added to LWIP and it be built for RTEMS ?
> My main concern is maintenance of RTEMS. Any networking code outside of
> libnetworking will break unless it becomes conditional on the type of
> networking stack. It adds another variant we need to build and test and provide
> coverage of.

The lwIP project has already an area for ports


in their CVS.  We can use this.  It is also good from an advertising point of
view to get RTEMS visible here.

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