[Bug 1993] Mips conversion to PIC IRQ model

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--- Comment #2 from Jennifer Averett <jennifer.averett at oarcorp.com> 2011-12-15 13:19:13 CST ---
The TX3904_ defines were copied straight out of an existing file, and I thought
this patch was going to be big enough without changing the names of the IRQ's. 
I should have moved these defines from the existing file to irq.h, and have
fixed this duplication.  I've also moved tx3904.h back to its original location
in libcpu.  I'm still a little up in the air as to whether this file should be
moved into the bsp directory, but thought that keeping it in libcpu would at
least make this patch a little easier to produce when I move it to git next

The bsp_interrupt_vector_enable and bsp_interrupt_vector_disable methods are
required by the PIC IRQ model.  The bits in the mips status register that are
used to mask interrupts could be used to enable and disable the interrupts. 
However, the existing design sets these bits up front in bsp_start for all the
mips boards.  I didn't want to change this in order to keep from breaking it on
the other boards which I can't test.

Thanks for looking at it

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