[Bug 1962] Problems with MVME162 BSP

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--- Comment #3 from Gedare <gedare at rtems.org> 2011-11-10 20:27:49 CST ---
Thanks for filing this PR! One note, usually we prefer patches with the -u flag
(they are a little easier to read).

I also have a minor suggestion that I think could make the code a little easier
to maintain. You might change the define in mvme162/include/bsp.h to be
something like:
#if defined(mvme162lx)
#define 162BUG_VEC_ADDRESS 0x00000000
#define 162BUG_VEC_ADDRESS 0xFFE00000

Then the following
! #if defined(mvme162lx)
!   m68k_set_vbr(0x00000000);         /* restore 162Bug vectors */
! #else
!   m68k_set_vbr(0xFFE00000);         /* restore 162Bug vectors */
! #endif


! #if defined(mvme162lx)
!   monitors_vector_table = (m68k_isr_entry *)0x00000000;
! #else
!   monitors_vector_table = (m68k_isr_entry *)0xFFE00000;
! #endif


  monitors_vector_table = (m68k_isr_entry *)162BUG_VEC_ADDRESS;

these should work and reduce the number of places that would need to be updated
if the SRAM or DRAM base addresses changed.

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