GCC 4.7 Status Report for *-rtems

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Tue Dec 13 19:36:15 UTC 2011


 From an RTEMS perspective, the head has multiple regressions from the 
4.6 branch. avr, bfin, lm32 and m68k have regressions such that they are 
incapable of compiling a complete tool chain. This means they fail to 
compile gcc, newlib, or RTEMS. These are the PRs for those regressions.

   avr  - REGRESSION - ICE - 
   bfin - REGRESSION - ICE - 
   lm32 - REGRESSION - ICE - 
   m68k - REGRESSION - Invalid code - 
          Had an ICE and now has assembly that is invalid for CPU32 
before it
          gets that far.

I know these are not primary GCC targets but at this point 25% of the 
RTEMS targets don't build.

Beyond that, Go is our biggest known issue.  In spite of compiling on 
4.6 and testing well, Go does not compile for RTEMS.  A first patch was 
posted but there has been no response:


If a target can build enough to run C/C++ tests, we have run them and 
posted test results.  After initial compilation problems, Ada and 
FORTRAN build on at least one RTEMS target and have reasonable test 
results posted.

We have not gotten to GCJ testing yet.

Objective-C compiles but has poor test results until RTEMS has a few 
more thread support routines implemented in libgcc.  This would make a 
nice small project for someone.

I hope the communities will pitch in to help get these resolved.


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