GCC 4.7 Status Report for *-rtems

Denis Chertykov chertykov at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 06:08:25 UTC 2011

2011/12/13 Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com>:
> Hi,
> From an RTEMS perspective, the head has multiple regressions from the 4.6
> branch. avr, bfin, lm32 and m68k have regressions such that they are
> incapable of compiling a complete tool chain. This means they fail to
> compile gcc, newlib, or RTEMS. These are the PRs for those regressions.
>  avr  - REGRESSION - ICE - http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=50925

This is a general regression (not RTEMS related).
I have analyzed this PR. Look at bug report.
I think that it's a GCC core bug. (reload bug)
May be relod maintainers can look at this PR ? (Ulrich Weigand, Bernd Schmidt)


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