lm32 and m68k isr entry

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Sun Apr 15 21:28:38 UTC 2012

History for m68k. Cut and paste for lm32.

And now. A clean up patch would be appreciated although it is likely to propoagate to BSPs

Gedare Bloom <gedare at rtems.org> wrote:

>Is there any good reason that the lm32 and m68k ports define their own
>versions of rtems_isr_entry?
>We have:
>typedef void rtems_isr;
>typedef rtems_isr ( *rtems_isr_entry )(
>                 rtems_vector_number
>             );
>For lm32:
>typedef void lm32_isr;
>typedef lm32_isr ( *lm32_isr_entry )( void );
>For m68k:
>typedef void m68k_isr;
>typedef void ( *m68k_isr_entry )( void );
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