[GSOC] RTEMS File Systems Related Hierarchy

Xiaochen Pan panx at seas.upenn.edu
Thu Aug 2 20:50:10 UTC 2012


I read the doc on File Systems development: 


It is the manual for new file system development. 

From that doc, I have learnt that it is divided into two layers, API layer and Handler layer(File System specific handlers and File specific handlers). Is that all developers need to implement for the new file system? What about layers below the handlers layer? 

Because I need to find out which layer of File Systems related directives belong to which of the following groups: hardware-independent, CPU specific, BSP specific, and peripheral specific, I need to know more about the dependency of the handler layer(mentioned above) for different file systems with lower layers, for example, block device buffer, and the data structure and interface between those layers.  What is the best way to find out this?

Thank you!
Xiaochen Pan

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