coverage analysis failed

Krzysztof Mięsowicz krzysztof.miesowicz at
Mon Aug 13 08:17:24 UTC 2012

Hi all,
I'm Krzysztof and I'm this year ESA SOCIS student. I'm working on RTEMS
coverage improvement. Actually I'm trying to prepare environment to run
coverage analysis on my laptop and I have some troubles with it. I had some
problems with was due to lack of qemu and path to qemu but this is solved.
I have run do_coverage script. It executed all tests but then I get a lot
of warnings such as
"WARNING: Unable to read coverage file unlimited.exe.cov" and error:
"ERROR: No information to analyze"
FAILED:  covoar failed

I'm very confused with it and hope anyone can help me :)


Krzysztof Miesowicz
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