coverage analysis failed

Krzysztof Mięsowicz krzysztof.miesowicz at
Mon Aug 13 19:46:45 UTC 2012

It seemed to start working, but despite it executed all tests and created
*.exe.cov files, covoar failed again. This time new problem apeared. This
time I invoked do_coverage scripts when i was in rtems-4.11-work directory
(top of rtems tree).

rtems-testing/rtems-coverage/do_coverage -A -v -u -D -P -c -b -B pc386

(I didn't want to update, build and configure rtems as I had done it
earlier. I also didn't want to analyze developmental profile)

After executing all tests (118 minutes :D ) I got this output:

Generating reports...
Processing coverage for core source configuration ...
Generating symbols from score/libscore.a
Generating symbols from sapi/libsapi.a
Generating symbols from rtems/librtems.a
sh: dos2unix: command not found
ERROR: DesiredSymbols::determineSourceLines - command
(i386-rtems4.11-addr2line -Ce base_sp.exe <ranges1.tmp | dos2unix
>ranges2.tmp) failed
FAILED:  covoar failed
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