pull request for RTEMS on POK GSoC project

WL jolkaczad at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 22:21:41 UTC 2012


Still not done, but during the last IRC meeting I was recommended to
file a pull request of what I've got right now and continue work
regardless. The required additional information is inside the README.

Still fighting with the interrupt, considered many things now about
how to make it work. I thought it may be just the "partition enable"
bit in the GDT, but when a partition is preempted by an interrupt,
this bit is still set. Thought it might be a problem of calling a
userspace function from the 0 ring, but I would be getting a CPU
exception and what I am getting is running the userspace procedure's
code but not modifying it's data. Right now I tried calling the
function directly from the interrupt but after popping the CS and DS
registers from before the ISR, but this also failed (will look into
this more though).

Tomorrow I will start writing documentation of what has been achieved
and discovered during the course of this project, this shouldn't take
more than a day so on Monday I want to resume regular work which is
patching holes in my terrible knowledge of x86 and sorting out this
interrupt thing.


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