libi2c lowlevel driver implementation

Claas Ziemke der_stuttgarter_25 at
Fri Dec 7 13:29:13 UTC 2012

hi all,

i am currently working on the implementation of the lowlevel driver for the beagleboard i2c drivers.

i see that in the libi2c there are 5 hooks defined:

const rtems_libi2c_bus_ops_t beagle_i2c_ops = {
  .init = beagle_i2c_init,
  .send_start = beagle_i2c_send_start,
  .send_stop = beagle_i2c_send_stop,
  .send_addr = beagle_i2c_send_addr,
  .read_bytes = beagle_i2c_read,
  .write_bytes = beagle_i2c_write,
  .ioctl = beagle_i2c_ioctl

my question is:

are the send_start send_addr and send_stop functions supposed to actually _send_ the according signals to the bus when called?
or are they just preparing the device and the actual sending takes place in the read/write fucntions?

i have some difficulties generating the former behaviour on the beagleboard.

thx for the great help so far, i am recently making really good progress and hope we can merge my code soon.


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