rtems git repo feedback

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Jan 16 05:01:53 UTC 2012

On 16/01/12 3:28 PM, Xiangfu Liu wrote:
> I saw there is a new commit under 'git://git.rtems.org/rtems.git'
> then I do a 'git pull' local. it works just fine.
> I check out the website http://git.rtems.org
> this link works fine:
> http://git.rtems.org/rtems/commit/?id=4478d0e7b58a7c6603193940878c3da8b03e8080
> and seems only this commit works fine. all other commit give :
> Bad commit reference: 0bc3820215d18389ab297822842249c994856dd0
> (http://git.rtems.org/rtems/commit/?id=0bc3820215d18389ab297822842249c994856dd0)

I suspect these are cached references held in cgit. The repo has been 
reset and the referenced commits are not present. I am looking into how 
to flush the cgit cache.

> thanks that we have git now. great job.



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