GSoC RTEMS compilation issues

WL jolkaczad at
Sun Jun 17 10:17:24 UTC 2012

While compiling the BSP I'm working on, a lot of features which I
don't want to use like SPI drivers and all console drivers from the
libbsp directory get compiled too, although they are not mentioned in
the inside my BSP's directory. Not only it takes more
time, but also breaks the process since my BSP doesn't support IRQs
yet. I think I'm missing something.

My configuration is invoked by
../rtems/configure --target=i386-rtems4.11 --disable-cxx
--disable-networking --disable-posix --enable-rtemsbsp=pok

and the is available at

Also, if I run bootstrap once, and include --enable-maintainer-mode in
the configuration, does it mean that all the changes in
files will be taken into account during the compilation and I don't
have to run bootstrap again? On my computer it takes about 15 minutes
to complete.

Thank you in advance to anyone who would clear me up on these issues.

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