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Sat Mar 31 13:16:46 UTC 2012


On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 7:53 AM, Alexandru-Sever Horin
<alex.sever.h at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I know that I am posting a bit late to this mailing list,
> but I believe that I can complete the application in a week.
It is but a week is sufficient time if you are dedicated. :)

> I am interested in working on either adding NICs
>                                   or defining RTEMS pointing device driver
> interface
> Can you please send me detailed information on what is needed more,
> and what should I base my proposal on ?
There is a proposal template that should be used. It is linked from
the student proposals table on the rtems wiki summer of code page [1].
Your proposal should demonstrate that you have a good grasp on what
you plan to implement, that what you propose is important (most things
are but to varying degrees), and provide a good project plan /
outline. We want students to write their proposal as a Google doc that
is shared with mentors / linked (privately) from the wiki page, and
you can copy-paste the proposal contents from the Google doc into the
official proposal page on the official GSOC Melange.

We also expect our students to be active in the community, so you
should at least join the rtems-users list if you have not already, and
find your way over to #rtems on freenode IRC. IRC is a great way (when
someone is around) to get realtime interactive feedback.

When proposing your own project (e.g. pointing device driver) you will
need to be extra convincing to get a mentor to take you on. One issue
I could see with a pointing device driver is the (in)ability to test
the code that you submit.

As for adding NICs, there is active development work going on with the
libbsd project that you might be able to participate in [2]. There was
another student who also expressed interest in that work [3], and I
believe there is plenty of work there to go around but I'm not
directly involved so I cannot say for certain. You would have to talk
to Joel and may wish to coordinate your efforts with Kevin.


> I have pervious experience with AVR and ARM embedded platforms, programming
> without using RTOS.
> Also, I study at my university a RTOS created by one of my proffesors,
> and I started working on a few modules for it.
> Thank you.
> PS. I mention that I completed Hello in a few minutes
Post a screen snapshot somewhere online and include the link or image
in your proposal.


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