Ralf's Remove CVS Id Commits

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Fri May 4 12:57:29 UTC 2012


I am more that a little peeved this morning to see 52
commits "Removing CVS Ids".  I have multiple beefs
with these patches.

1) They were put in completely unreviewed. Per my local time,
at 12:37pm yesterday I posted a patch for testsuites which
removed all Ids in every file in that directory for review. That
was after accidentally not getting the attachment
through earlier.  There were discussions after that. At 5:36pm
yesterday I posted to the list asking for review of my
CVS Id removal branch.  I have permission to commit these changes
myself but obviously felt changes of this type needed a review.
Ralf's unreviewed changes were starting to be committed at 2:34am.

Ralf posted to the list after my request for review of the
branch, so he clearly was not locked in a room and
unaware of my work.

2) They "nibble" at the problem. Per Ralf's own words
in http://www.rtems.org/pipermail/rtems-devel/2012-May/000979.html

"Please don't "nibble too much", otherwise it'll be hard to generalize
patterns to eliminate."

These patches do indeed nibble at the problem. They only
touch build infrastructure from what I can tell. My patches
are a combination of scripts and a few manual edits which
remove all Ids. I was working through the tree a "subsystem"
at a time and was almost through. I was primarily down to
the cpukit directories with third party code that needed
more careful attention.

3) Since he nibbled, I have no choice but to fight through
100s of conflicts or redo my work to actually remove them
in the rest of the tree. You know, the minor part of the
source tree which includes the .c, .h, .S, .inl, README,
.t, .texi, etc

4) They all have the same commit message. There has
to be something to distinguish these commits.  If he had
looked at my branch, he would have seen messages
like "testsuites - Remove All CVS Id Strings" or
"libbsp - Remove CVS Id Strings (manual edits).
As bad as this is, this is actually the least of my complaints.

Summary: It was very clear that the removal of CVS Id
strings was intended for community review. These patches are
incomplete, unreviewed, and by "nibbling" create conflicts
with the patches on my branch which completely remove
CVS Id strings per directory. The "nibbling" is especially
frustrating as he asked me specifically not do nibble.

I am asking what the community wants to do. There
are only two options:

+ revert these commits
+ accept them

If the community wants to accept them, I will suck up the impact.

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