multiple pci.h files and duplication

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Wed May 16 17:13:41 UTC 2012


cc'ing Daniel since the biggest culprit is under sparc.

In reviewing the changes for the patch, I chanced upon
sparc/shared/include/pci.h which appears to duplicate a
lot of what is in cpukit/include/rtems/pci.h.

Searching for pci.h, I also spotted one in mvme5500 which
has a few Ids and constants which should be in the cpukit

This is just accidental over the years. The sparc file was
introduced 5 years ago.

The mvme5500 situation is  only a handful of constants.
I can easily move them to rtems/pci.h and it is fixed.
But the sparc version does NOT include rtems/pci.h and thus
is more work. It duplicates a lot rather than getting it via

There is also the fact that we don't have any defined process
for incorporating updates from one of the PCI Id sources.

Any thoughts on how to get back to all the PCI bus constants
and device ids being defined in the cpukit pci.h?

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