the hash approach of POSIX key

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Mon May 21 13:30:04 UTC 2012

Hi, all.
I'm working on the POSIX key project(here is a introduction of it:[1]).
Since using hash is a good candidate of the solution, I'm trying to do the
design using hash. I'm not clear about how to deal with UThash[2] in RTEMS.
Shall we directly include this lib or reimplemented in RTEMS? If assumed
directly use, I think we can manage all keys in one hash table as like in
the rbtree approach. Since UThash is able to use structure as it's hash
key, then the POSIX_Keys_Control can be defined as:

typedef struct {
    Objects_Control Object;
    void (*destructor) (void *);
    hash_key_t hash_key; /* use struct hash_key_t as a hash key */
    void *value;
    UT_hash_handle hh;
} POSIX_Keys_Control;

the hash_key_t type is a structure include Object id and pthread_key_t:

typedef struct {
    Objects_Id thread_id;
    pthread_key_t key;
} hash_key_t;

Then all the keys' data is managed in one hash table. I've a question about
this design: is it a waste of memory that every key data holds a
POSIX_Keys_Control structure? If it is, I think we could manage it in a two
level structure: first level manages all keys by one hash table, and each
key manages its values in second level by one bash table:

typedef struct {
    Objects_Control Object;
    Objects_Id;    /* use as hash key, I don't know
whether we could directly use Object as a hash key? I know it's no problem
in UThash  */
    key_node_t * key_node;
    UT_hash_handle hh;
} POSIX_Keys_Control;

typedef struct {
   Objects_Id thread_id; /* use thread_id as hash key */
   void *value;
   void (*destructor) (void *);
   UT_hash_handle hh;
} key_node_t;

And as Gedare suggested in my last discuss, the implementation should
consider do actually work in in the supercore layer and shared between
Posix Keys and Classic Task vars, however, I haven't think about it yet,
I'm a little behind my work.


Best wishes!
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