RTEMS in Pok analysis questions

WL jolkaczad at gmail.com
Sun May 27 15:43:08 UTC 2012

After doing initial research around how to design the layer a number
of questions appeared.

The bsp and device driver development guide describes a number of
services which may be implemented while creating a new BSP: the
console driver, clock, timer, RTC (as far as I know, libpok doesn't
provide an interface for calculating real time, just ticks) , non
volatile memory, shared memory and other peripheral drivers. The
console driver is required for the simplest test so that's minimal,
but which others should be considered for this project?

I don't know how to channel interrupts in Pok, especially on x86 since
it uses a programmable interrupt controller, the included ethernet
driver uses polling and the doumentation doesn't help that much.
Perhaps this is a question for the Pok mailing list though and
modifications are required.

I/O access is made through system calls to the Pok kernel, so there
shouldn't be problems here. Mapping the functions seems

Will error propagation from RTEMS down to Pok be required?

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