rtems-libbsd use of rtems_blkdev_request question

Jennifer Averett Jennifer.Averett at OARcorp.com
Mon Nov 5 15:19:57 UTC 2012


With your latest rtems patch rtems-libbsd is getting the following 
error in rtemsbsd/src/rtems-bsd-cam.c:

gnu99 -MT rtemsbsd/src/rtems-bsd-cam.o -MD -MP -MF rtemsbsd/src/rtems-bsd-cam.d   -march=r3900 -Wa,-xgot -G0     -c -o rtemsbsd/src/rtems-bsd-cam.o rtemsbsd/src/rtems-bsd-cam.c
rtemsbsd/src/rtems-bsd-cam.c: In function 'rtems_bsd_csio_callback':
rtemsbsd/src/rtems-bsd-cam.c:249:16: error: 'rtems_blkdev_request' has no member named 'req_done'
   ccb->csio.req->req_done(ccb->csio.req->done_arg, sc);
You didn't happen to patch any of the rtems-libbsd stuff and not commit yet?  Otherwise,
can you point me on what all I need to fix the callback?


Jennifer Averett
On-Line Applications Research

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