ANN: rtems-4.11-*binutils upgraded to binutils-2.23.1

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Tue Nov 20 16:01:19 UTC 2012


The rtems-4.11-binutils rpms have been upgraded to the latest upstream 
binutils release binutils-2.23.1.

This is the long awaited and overdue major upstream upgrade, which is 
not unlikely to have visual impacts on building RTEMS.

ATM, no major issues or RTEMS specific issues are known, but these 
packages so far have only seen light testing with RTEMS.

The sources can be found at the usual places, with no patches required.

A mass-rebuild of the GCC-packages against these binutils is in progress 
and is supposed to gradually land in the repositories on[1]


[1] I regret, but I can't give any ETA. Due to decisions out of my 
control, this mass-rebuild will take a week or more.

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