Better GDB support for rtems.

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Fri Apr 5 02:40:33 UTC 2013

Hi Dhananjay Balan,

Thankyou for your interest in RTEMS!

1. An RTEMS gdb resource

2. There are two shells applications that I know of: the fileio sample, and the multiio application.

To use the fileio sample, start it much like you would start the hello world sample.

To use the multiio application, make sure to run make install in the rtems build directory then

git clone git://

To build the multiio RTEMS application:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/rtems-4.11/bin
export RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH=/opt/rtems-4.11/i386-rtems4.11/pc386/

submitted request for better documentation of multiio in bugzilla:

3. I don't know whether there is a benefit to running qemu-sparc over gdb, but I suspect gdb would be better documented and easier to get started with.

Hope this helps!

Cynthia Rempel

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I was fooling around rtems (Not much, was taking tests till yesterday) and the general debugging stuff (Structures and stuff..), but I couldn't find much documentation about it.

I was stuck at following points,

* Is there any specific tutorials or anything about GDB and rtems?
* I could find from the wiki that rtems provides a primitive shell to debug applications to a limit, I found the document on the shell - but I am confused how to run it in a simulator. Any help?
* Afiu the simulator is a sparc sis (arch-run command) I am using, is there any advantage if I run a qemu-sparc instance instead?

Dhananjay M Balan,

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