Zynq BSP progress

Claus, Ric claus at slac.stanford.edu
Mon Apr 15 16:31:57 UTC 2013

No, no padding that I can find.  Yes, I agree, that is the main problem.  Once I changed the 4 to a 2, the driver works.  This is true for both 4.11 and 4.10.2.  Since ip.h is not RTEMS code, I wonder whether that code is considered patchable.


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On 04/12/2013 06:18 PM, Claus, Ric wrote:
> Thanks, Sebastian.  I did do exactly that initially, but as I tried to explain, the DMA engine uses the lower two address bits for other things.  I therefore can't put m->m_data on a 16 bit word boundary.  So then what?

Oh, this is bad.  Supports the DMA engine some padding?  I think the main
problem is in ip.h the struct ip { ... } aligned(4).  I would remove the
aligned(4) and try if that works.

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