BSP variants

Claus, Ric claus at
Fri Apr 19 01:11:23 UTC 2013

I'm not understanding how to build multiple BSP variants from a single libbsp/<cpu>/<bsp> directory.  The ARM lpc32xx does this, for example.  Configuring to for a BSP named lpc32xx_mzx ends with the message:

target architecture: arm.
available BSPs: lpc32xx_mzx.

even though there is no libbsp/*/lpc32xx_mzx directory and it isn't mentioned in libbsp/<cpu>/acinclude.m4.  Doing 'make all' then goes and builds everything, as expected.  Where is the lpc32xx_mzx target defined?  Is it in the make/custom directory?

When I follow this same pattern with the names zc702 and zedboard for the zynq BSP directory, the configure works, but the 'make all' fails with 'Invalid BSP'.


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