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Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Aug 7 23:29:19 UTC 2013

Marian Such wrote:
> Hello,
> please let me introduce myself. I'm 25 year-old student from Prague,
> Czech Republic. I have a bachelor degree from Software Engineering and
> currently I'm studying master degree programme Security of Information
> and Telecomunication Systems. My complete CV can be found at [1].
> I formally applied to participate in SOCIS 2013 (ESA Summer of Code in
> Space) on RTEMS project. I was advised by Joel Sherrill to discuss my
> application with all of you to get some feedback.

Welcome and thanks for considering RTEMS.

> The ideas which I found most interesting on the "Open Projects" wiki
> page are:
> • Compiling RTEMS with CLANG. (see [2])

Having the code compile on clang would be welcome. I assume this aspect 
of the task would relate specifically to RTEMS code changes. Is this 
correct ?

> • Packaging RTEMS tools for Mac OS X (see [3])

MacOS support for gcc tools is provided by the RTEMS Source Builder 
(RSB). The details are ..

I would welcome support for clang. Is this enough for a SOCIS project ? 
If clang needs changes for RTEMS then this would start to look like a 
sizable task.

Do we need a specific clang build for each RTEMS architecture ?
Does clang handle the multilib configurations RTEMS needs ?
Which backends are considered stable and worth looking at ?

> My current experience with RT systems is using ChibiOS for my personal
> projects (UAV, rover, meteo station) and trying out RTEMS.
> I use ChibiOS on ARM-Cortex M3 platform. I currently own Cortex A9
> development board and A15 is on the way, so if there is any effort to
> port RTEMS to these platforms, I would be willing to help.

There are efforts underway for the Cortex-A9. This is happening in the 
xilinx-zynq bsps. This is a due core device so SMP is being worked on 
here. FYI I have OpenOCD working with the A9.

> However, I
> think it's not possible for one person to do such port in so short time,
> so I would work on this only if I was to be a part of a team.
> Regarding the CLANG and RTEMS tools on Mac, I feel confident this is
> doable by one person and within the given time schedule. I own 3 macs,
> on which I run 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 OS X versions for development purposes.

Nice. I run MacOS and FreeBSD and keep the tools updated on both using 
the RSB. It is nice to see other MacOS users entering the community.


> Some of my work can be seen at github [4].
> If you found any of the ideas useful or if you have any questions,
> please let me know.
> Best regards
> Marian Such
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
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