Delete ChangeLog files Was :Re: ChangeLog change to .ChangeLog

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at
Sun Mar 10 15:16:34 UTC 2013


Am 10.03.2013 03:25, schrieb Rempel, Cynthia:
> Hi,
> It really sounds to me like Dr. Sherrill doesn't want ChangeLogs to
> be a barrier to committing to RTEMS...
> I'm not a lawyer either, but Dr. Sherrill made it clear RTEMS stand
> on ChangeLogs... RTEMS does belong to OAR, so what OAR wants is what
> RTEMS should get legally... incidentally, Dr. Sherrill did indicate
> that quite a few developers agreed with him.

Sorry, here I really must disagree strongly.

OAR has developed the first versions of RTEMS, has pushed hard to get
RTEMS into the Open Source Community and takes valueable effort to
support RTEMS, improve it, get it more exposed and used in many many

But RTEMS doesn't belong OAR. OAR and its staff is copyright holder for
maybe the majority of code lines, but if RTEMS belongs to someone, it
belongs the the RTEMS community.

Decisions like the obsolence of dedicated Changelog files (because their
information is transferred and maintained into the VCS metadata) are not
taken by OAR, but by the RTEMS steering committee. OAR has a leading
role there but doesn't decide on its own.



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