[PATCH 2/2] [cpukit/POSIX] Renamed POSIX signal functions to match style of the other POSIX related functions

Andreas Heinig andreas.heinig at cs.tu-dortmund.de
Wed Mar 20 06:43:57 UTC 2013

On Tuesday 19 March 2013 09:21:35 Joel Sherrill wrote:
> + Your tree is NOT up to date. It has ChangeLog files in it.
> + You did a blind search and replace since it changed ChangeLog
> entries before your change was made.
That is correct. However, I accidentally added the ChangeLog to the patch

> Now to see if I can understand what you were trying to
> do specifically. Can you give a very simple summary with
> details. Like "renamed X to Y". "Changed include from X to
> Y after renaming file." etc.  The patch appears to be the
> result of a global search and replace and it would be
> easier to review if we knew what that was.

Ok, simply speaking: I had found a warning in the file 
rtems/cpukit/sapi/src/posixapi.c. Here, the compiler complained about nested 
external definition of _POSIX_signals_Manager_Initialization in function 

After fixing the warning and having a closer look on _POSIX_API_Initialize, I 
saw this:

 64   _POSIX_signals_Manager_Initialization();
             ^               ^
 65   _POSIX_Threads_Manager_initialization();
 66   _POSIX_Condition_variables_Manager_initialization();
 67   _POSIX_Key_Manager_initialization();
 68   _POSIX_Mutex_Manager_initialization();
 69   _POSIX_Message_queue_Manager_initialization();
 70   _POSIX_Semaphore_Manager_initialization();
 71   _POSIX_Timer_Manager_initialization();
 72   _POSIX_Barrier_Manager_initialization();
 73   _POSIX_RWLock_Manager_initialization();
 74   _POSIX_Spinlock_Manager_initialization();

Compared to all the other initialization routines, the Signal Manager has 
different capitalization. Hence, I changed 's'ignals to 'S'ignals and 
'I'nitialization to 'i'nitialization.

And due to the fact that the whole POSIX signal subsystem uses the "wrong" 
prefix _POSIX_signals_, I have made a global search and replace to change it 
to _POSIX_Signals_.

Here is the command:
find . ! -path "*/.svn*" ! -path "*/.git*" -type f \
-exec sed -e"s/_POSIX_signals/_POSIX_Signals/g" -i


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