Autoconf 2.69 and mingw

Chris Johns chrisj at
Fri Mar 22 21:50:30 UTC 2013

Rempel, Cynthia wrote:
> Does the source-builder work on minGW? This might be a question for Chris Johns...

Yes and no. I am working on support. I hit this problem ...

This happens after the building phase finishes and things are being 
cleaned up. The response in the ticket was disappointing and I am 
considering my options. MinGW as a project has lots of life, how-ever 
ignoring or burying a bug of this nature is not endearing. MSYS2 has 
been on the table for years and not a suitable resolution.

> On Ubuntu it can build the auto-tools, expat (don't know why it's needed), and all the build-tools.

Yes building from source using the Source Builder is a suitable 
solution. You get an autoconf and automake matched to your environment.

Expat is needed to build gdb. GDB has the ability to manage XML register 
definitions for variants of an architecture. A GDB remote stub/server 
can give an arch specific gdb executable a specific register set for a 
specific variant of a processor you are using with out the need to patch 
gdb. It is a nice feature.

> If it doesn't, we could add that to the "wish-list"

On the wish list and being worked on.

I am looking for a suitable solution to my delete problem. There are 
also other problems, namely the -j option with make when Python threads 
are running cause problems in MSYS so parallel building is currently 

The solutions I have in mind, is to use Python or something other than 
'rm' to delete the source tree or look at using a minimal Cygwin shell 
set up and to support cross-compiling the RTEMS tools. I am not 
interested in Cygwin specific RTEMS tool sets only native Windows tool 
sets. Cygwin is a long path to take because I need to create and test 
it, how-ever it fixes the parallel build issue and will make building 


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