GSoC Eiligibility Issue

dinesh thangavel rtdinesh.89 at
Fri May 3 03:47:44 UTC 2013

      I have been accepted for Master's Program in University of
Wisconsin-Madison for Fall'13. As accepted students can participate in
GSoC, I was interested in it. I will enter United States with F1 Visa
by August. After consulting with my University's ISS I came to know
that I do not have work permit in US during August-September. So, I
cannot participate in this GSoC Edition.
I was planning to work on Classic Condition Variable APIs. I would
like thank all the people who helped me with my doubts in mailing list
and IRC.
     Since I am not eligible for GSoC, If that project will not be
assigned to any student,I am happy to work on it.

Dinesh Rathinasamy Thangavel.

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