[PATCH] Enable iconv code tables

Ralf Kirchner ralf.kirchner at embedded-brains.de
Mon May 13 07:21:32 UTC 2013

Hi Chris,
If you don't want the UTF8 support you will simply pass a NULL pointer
parameter to the dosfs mount method as you used to in the past.

If you want UTF8 support you will have to pass a pointer to a struct
which contains function pointers to string conversion methods to the
DOSFS mount method. The dos file system will then make use of those
methods for converting strings.
In my implementation the methods pointed to in the parameter struct will
use iconv. The parameter struct gets created and initialized by the
application. Thus only if the application creates such a struct for
passing a pointer to it to the DOSFS mount method, the iconv methods
used by the conversion methods in the parameter struct will get linked in.

Kind Regards
	Ralf Kirchner

Am 13.05.2013 04:37, schrieb Chris Johns:
> Ralf Kirchner wrote:
>> UTF8 support will get implemented backwards compatible and will
>> have to get activated with a mount parameter explicitly.
>> As long as you mount the FAT file system as you always
>> used to, nothing will change and the encodings will not get linked in.
> This does not make sense to me. Mounting and mount arguments are runtime
> so this means the code would have to be linked in for the option to
> work. Disabling at runtime would not remove the code.
> Chris

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