Daniel Hellstrom daniel at
Mon Nov 11 13:22:57 UTC 2013

On 11/11/2013 11:31 AM, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> Hello Daniel,
> On 2013-11-10 17:11, Daniel Hellstrom wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Thanks Gedare and Sebastian for your input on SMP01, this was a
>> misunderstanding on my part. Please drop the SMP01 patch.
>> I will make another try to give feedback on the SMP testsuite in a separate
>> email, this time hopefully better :) I have run smp01-smp05 successfully I
>> believe by checking against .scn/.doc files and verifying the acutual exection
>> on a quad-core LEON hardware.
> its good to hear that some SMP tests pass now on the LEON.
> How did you solve the issue in the boot sequence mentioned here
> ?

Thanks for following up on this. I have spent some time on perusing it, but didn't find the cause. What I noticed is that the behaviour was different now and then, which could indicate a memory 
configuration problem. After switching board the locking problem didn't occur again, so I will have to resume the debugging later.

I have another patch of adding the NGMP link script that I want to submit, but I think I have to clean it up. Almost the only thing that differs NGMP from the LEON3 BSP is the linking script and it 
seems to be possible to have two different BSP configurations for the same BSP code. I will have to investigate if its best to add a NGMP BSP configuration first.


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