Joel Status and Lack of Responsiveness

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Sep 4 21:38:39 UTC 2013


For those who haven't gotten the news via some other means,
I was robbed in Toulouse last Friday night. My wallet and phone
were stolen. Monday was a holiday in the States  which made
things more difficult. I got about 5 hours sleep from Friday
morning until I got on a plane at 6:10am Sunday morning.

I have spent almost every minute since this happened dealing with
filing police reports, bank fraud reports, canceling and reissuing
credit cards, drivers license, etc. Michele and the boys did the
quick hit and run after it happened, cancelling cards and changing
Internet account passwords.

My OAR account was deliberately locked for security reasons.
Unlocking it and pouring through email was dead last on my list.
I have just had it unlocked and gotten access to it for the first
time in days.

I still have stuff to clean up. Needless to say, this has been very
physically and emotionally draining.  And it continues to be.

Please cover for me while I am otherwise occupied.  If it  is
REALLY pressing the core developers know how to get my
attention. :)

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