Files for Coverity Scan to Ignore

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Sep 5 21:26:49 UTC 2013


For Coverity Scan, I am building sparc/leon3 with the
following configure command:

$r/configure --target=${RTEMS_TARGET} --enable-smp \
   --disable-networking --disable-itron --disable-tests \
   --enable-rtemsbsp=${RTEMS_BSP} >c.log 2>&1

You can configure Scan to ignore certain file patterns.
I have told Scan to ignore

+ */libnetworking/*
+ */libbsp/*
+ */mghttpd/*
+ */zlib/*

I know two of these are not in the build due to disable
networking. zlib had positives that the maintainers knew of
and said were false positives when I ran those down. That's
why I am ignoring it.

Does this configuration and exclude file set make sense?
Is it too large or small?


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