How to start contributing towards RTEMS project

Alan Cudmore alan.cudmore at
Mon Sep 2 20:49:29 UTC 2013

The Raspberry Pi could use drivers:
SPI / SD card access,
I2C Bus
Ethernet ( this could be hard since it is a USB device ) ,
HDMI/graphics console,


On 9/2/2013 4:35 PM, Karel Gardas wrote:
> On 09/ 2/13 07:33 AM, Ritesh Harjani wrote:
>> I have Raspberry pi + ti stellaris lm4f120 launchpad, if it helps.
> Well, if you'd like to do some coding exercise, then what about to 
> write a driver for LM4F120's EEPROM? I've hoped to do this myself but 
> my project has grown up to the size which does not fit into LM4F120's 
> FLASH nor RAM so I'm "migrating" it to STM32F4 now...
> Cheers,
> Karel

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