GSOC SMP Global_EDF Project Final Report

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Wed Sep 25 16:59:24 UTC 2013

Hi Sree Harsha Konduri,

This looks interesting! Could you post this information on your project page on the rtems wiki, so the next student will be able to find the information needed to pick up where you left off?

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With the hard pencil down dates up, I would like to submit my report for the Global_EDF Scheduler that i have worked on over the summer.
First, it has been great pleasure to be a part of the RTEMS Project, and to be able to work on this project. My blog post can be found at

Also i created a github fork of rtems and my code can be found on the globaledf branch at

Work Done:
- Submitted a design for the G-EDF Scheduler.
- Created a running model for the G-EDF Scheduler which works for aperiodic tasks.
- Implemented the smp locking mechanism for the ready queue operations.
- Sent out a patch containing scheduler
Future Work:
- Enhance and improve the scheduler to run periodic and aperiodic tasks.
- To be able to provide fine grained locking support to assist the giant lock currently available for smp.

I would like to express my thanks to  Gedare Bloom for guiding me at every step and taking time to correct me repeatedly over the summer. I would also like to thank Joel, Sebastian , Chris and everyone in the RTEMS community.
I would like to continue to put my best efforts towards RTEMS.

Thanks and Regards,
Sree Harsha Konduri

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