How much is my free memory?

Federico Lenarduzzi federico.lenarduzzi at
Mon Jan 27 15:02:00 UTC 2014

Hi, I'm working with RTEMS for LPC1768. I need know how much memory is free
for my application. I saw an article  where say that I can look at
_Workspace_Area. If first == last, then there is only one free block of
memory in the workspace (very likely if no task deletions). For example, If
I do this:

(gdb) p *(Heap Block *) _Workspace_Area->first
$3 = {back flag = 1, front flag = 68552, next = 0x1e260, previous = 0x1e25c}

I have 68552 bytes left in the workspace.

Below, I will post my gdb command output. Note: I'm running hello.exe

(gdb)  p *(Heap_Block *) _Workspace_Area->first_block
$35 = {prev_size = 268439784, size_and_flag = 229, next = 0x101dd
<_ARMV7M_Exception_default>, prev = 0x101dd <_ARMV7M_Exception_default>}

The question is, How much is my free memory? I haven't "first" field on

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