[PATCH] i386/virtualpok BSP, virtual BSP to be used with POK, build with enable-paravirt

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Tue Jan 7 01:18:51 UTC 2014

On 1/6/2014 5:14 PM, Chris Johns wrote:
> On 7/01/2014 4:24 am, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>> On 1/6/2014 11:13 AM, Philipp Eppelt wrote:
>>> Where are we on this?
>> I think I was OK on it. If Gedare is also, then it should be merged.
> How will this change be tested on a regular basis ? As we move to 
> constant integration testing we need a way to test this code.
Philipp.. can you provide us a "test plan"? That is, how you build and
test today
for what you have. I know that it is likely only a couple of tests at
this point
from an RTEMS perspective.
> I would like to understand how this extra dependency is tested and 
> managed on an on going basis before getting my support.
Agreed. We need to be conscious of this.

Is a test plan sufficient? We don't have the infrastructure currently to
testing this. I really hope Philipp enjoyed the project and will stay
involved and help
us grow this.

This is an important capability for the growth of RTEMS as a project. We
need to
lay the groundwork so we can eventually test Pok, help it grow,  and ensure
its stability. In a perfect world, it would have good test results
before we  test
Pok+RTEMS and put it through our acceptance tests.

> Chris

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