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I'm Janek van Oirschot and I'm interested in contributing to the RTEMS
project as GSoC student. I hope I'm not too late with applying for any
projects. I have found a project I'm interested in doing but I still have a
few questions.

The project that piqued my interest was
this<>project about
implementing the intra-partition ARINC 653 calls. I have
experience with implementing a small subset of ARINC 653-p4 calls on
another RTOS but the subset I implemented didn't consist of the majority of
intra-partition calls (really, I just implemented queuing/sampling ports
and a small bit of tasks).

So my first question is, would it be possible to finish this project if
considering that 40~50% of the time available to code for GSoC I'll still
have school. My university's summer break start begin July and the start
for coding, according to the GSoC timeline, starts on May 19th. This
doesn't mean I'm completely unable to code while I got school, it'll just
not be as much as after start July~end of August. Alternatively, if ARINC
653 would be too much to implement in such a short time, implementing the
same subset of calls for ARINC653-p4 might be an option (just a suggestion).

Second question, is it assumed that I have the ARINC 653 specification
document? When I worked with ARINC 653 previously I remember not being able
to find the specification online. The company I interned at provided the
proper documents to allow me to implement the ARINC 653-p4 calls.

Thanks in advance,
Janek van Oirschot
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