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Přemysl Houdek kom541000 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 00:43:56 UTC 2014

Hello everybody,

my name is Přemysl Houdek and I’d like to participate in this year GSoC.
Pavel Pisa has already proposed some project in other thread (Porting to
Cortex-R4F - Thesis and GSoC project proposal). In this thread I’d like to
share with you current vision of the project, summarize it and ask for your

Below is a main part of my GSoC proposal. I appreciate any advice, comments
and thoughts.

*Project Abstract.*

Objective of this project is to port RTEMS to Cortex – R4 Ti Hercules
family. Such portation could allow increase development and production
speed of anyone using microprocessor from the mentioned family.

*Project Description.*

The goal of my project is to run the RTEMS on microprocessor with a Cortex
– R4F core. I’d like to choose this core because no similar port has been
already done. This core is one of not so many safety enhanced MCUs. In my
opinion, it’s always an advantage to have RTEMS port for such MCU.

The concrete processor preferred for my work is Ti's TMS570LS3137. There
were some projects with this MCU at my university. I expect that knowledge
already accumulated at university helps me to accomplish work successfully.
TMS570LS3137 includes two cores in lockstep mode with hardware differences
comparison, full ECC SRAM and Flash and all peripherals registers and
memories equipped by parity bits. Last but not least they have fair
performance/price ratio.

Project would include these basic tasks:

Find a way to run bare C code compiled by non-multilib arm-rtems4.11 R4
big-endian GCC on the platform

Make RTEMS run on target MCU with no context switch

Debugging support (serial port)

Make RTEMS run on target MCU multitasking

Timer support

Serial port support (interrupt driven)

Ethernet support

Test and clean up port including proposal for GCC ARM Cortex-R4 big-endian
RTEMS multilib variant inclusion

I suppose that there will be some other minor tasks which I don’t see right

For desired platform, I’d like to provide support for one or two of broad
range of available Hercules/TMS570 kits. For an example TI’s TMS570LS31x
Hercules Development Kit.

There will be finished one configuration to run RTEMS  on the selected
target processor at the end of the project. In addition to selected chip
BSP, project provides and test core Cortex-R4 RTEMS support which enables
much easier preparation of BSP for some other MCUs within same core family.

I’m interested in this project because it provides me opportunity to extend
my knowledge and skills in embedded systems area in direction of more
advanced and powerful MCUs. Another reason is that I’d like to learn how to
develop proper RTOS port. I also feel a need to gain hands on experience
with some safety enhanced CPU.

*Project Deliverables*

●            May 19 (coding begins) - *What will you have to do to ensure
that coding starts by this date?*

I am going to study RTEMS materials. Compile and test RTEMS on LPC1788

I’ll also try to finish as much of my semester projects as possible so it
will not keep me from work.

●            June 23-27 (Midterm Evaluation) - *What will you have done by
this point?*

Bare RTEMS GCC build code run on the platform, simple/polled serial

output implemented. RTEMS single task running.

●     August 11 (Final Evaluation) *- What will you have done at this
point?  What will you deliver?   Your mentor will use this to judge your
progress and whether you pass or fail.*

I expect all tasks from project description to be completed and tested
meaning RTEMS is running on target MCU.

Basically it includes:

Ticker test running.

Interrupt driven serial port driver tested.

Simple TCP/IP test running.

Thank you for your time

               Přemysl Houdek
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