[GSoC] Porting RTEMS to OpenRISC - Status Report 1

Hesham Moustafa heshamelmatary at gmail.com
Fri May 2 22:39:47 UTC 2014

On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 10:41 AM, Chris Johns <chrisj at rtems.org> wrote:
> On 2/05/2014 1:17 pm, Hesham Moustafa wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This is a status report of the project during last week.
>> 1- newlib: is ported and gcc builds successfully. The only feedback I
>> got when I posted the newlib patch [1] is about licence of setjmp.S
>> file. I contacted Damjan Lampret, the author of the file, asking him
>> to change the licence as Ralf suggested but I got no reply yet. If
>> changing the licence has not been feasible, can I write a similar
>> setjmp.S one?
> I am not sure. Ralf has a valid issue and it may pay to ask on the newlib
> list about this as well.
OK. I will ask about that in the newlib mailing list.
>> 2- toolchain: is all built now providing or1k-rtems4.11-* tools. GDB
>> is built too but from or1k-src repo. Should I create a patch for it
>> against upsteam binutils-gdb cvs? If yes, there are two options: the
>> first is to add a patch for or1ksim library to be embedded into gdb
>> and used when typing "target sim" command, the other option is to
>> connect gdb remotely to or1ksim simulator (target remote :xxxxx).
>> Which one to implement?
> The think we should keep it separate from gdb. We have other targets where
> we have a server remote, eg OpenOCD.
> If we have have the RSB built the simulator that would be a good thing.
I can add configuration files to build the whole tool-chain for RTEMS.
The issue is: which repo(s) RSB should reference? Currently, the RSB
patches on my repo [1] reference/download gcc-4.8.2, newlib-2.1.0 and
binutils-2.24 releases. This way, I had to apply the whole or1k/RTEMS
patches to these releases.

Another way is to reference my openrisc/or1k-gcc and openrisc/or1k-sim
forked repo(s) (with my changes to build for RTEMS). That will be the
easiest approach.

About the simulator, I can make RSB build or1ksim as a separate
package, or when building or1k-rtems4.11-*, which approach is better?
I noticed that QEMU and other simulators are not built from RSB.

[1] https://github.com/heshamelmatary/or1k-rtems/tree/master/patches
>> 3- RTEMS: I started investigating the old or32 port for RTEMS, that
>> led me to add few files and configurations for or1k cpu and or1ksim
>> BSP for testing purposes. I was trying to get a libbspstart.a and link
>> it with other standalone bare-metal main.c program, thus, I
>> familiarize my self with the process of adding a new architecture, and
>> have some code to debug.
>> I would appreciate your feedback and guidance.
> Excellent progress. Well done.
> Chris
>> [1] http://www.rtems.org/pipermail/rtems-devel/2014-April/006598.html
>> Thanks,
>> Hesham

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