Capture Engine - Addition of capture task information to the capture buffer

Jennifer Averett Jennifer.Averett at
Thu Sep 4 17:57:26 UTC 2014

Chris suggested the following approach:

>Another approach could involve adding the task data to the trace buffer when the first reference
> to the task is added to the trace buffer. You would add the task data tagging it with some sort of "id".
> When added events related to the task the "id" is used. The trace buffer decoder extracts the task data
> building a suitable table to decode the following "id" references. There is a small extra bump filling the
> trace buffer with the task details but this is the cost of tracing in software. This approach helps solves
> the problem of off board streaming of the trace data.

Using this approach are there any suggestions for how the capture control information currently
accessed through the capture task would be handled?

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