[PATCH] score: More strict RTEMS_DEQUALIFY implementation.

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Mon Sep 8 12:22:46 UTC 2014

Hello Pavel,

thanks, for the update.  I think this dequalify only is all right, but we 
should keep the RTEMS_DEVOLATILE() and RTEMS_DECONST() nonetheless for 
documentation purposes.  The error output is quite good:

In file included from 
/home/sh/rtems-4.11/c/src/../../cpukit/posix/src/keysetspecific.c: In function 
error: call to 'RTEMS_DEQUALIFY_types_not_compatible' declared with attribute 
error: RTEMS_DEQUALIFY types differ not only by volatile and const
      RTEMS_DEQUALIFY_types_not_compatible() \
note: in expansion of macro 'RTEMS_DEQUALIFY_DEPTHX'
    RTEMS_DEQUALIFY_DEPTHX( *, _type, _var )
/home/sh/rtems-4.11/c/src/../../cpukit/posix/src/keysetspecific.c:64:33: note: 
in expansion of macro 'RTEMS_DECONST'
          value_pair_ptr->value = RTEMS_DECONST( double *, (int *)value );

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