Beagle bsp improvements RTC driver for beaglebone black

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Apr 1 17:48:00 UTC 2015

I noticed this wasn't merged.

Ben.. ?

some comments interspersed.

On 3/10/2015 4:21 PM, ragu nath wrote:
> Hi All,
> I was exploring the beagle code base to find a task to get hands on
> experience with RTEMS internals. I found that "Real time Clock (RTC)" support is
> missing for beaglebone. I made the effort to add the driver for the device.
> Included the patch for the driver. RTEMS already have a RTC framework.
> I defined the necessary structures to hook the driver to the framework.
> Enabled the driver by defining the macro
> "CONFIGURE_APPLICATION_NEEDS_RTC_DRIVER" and tested the following.
> Testing is done from the shell using "date" and "rtc" commands.
> 1. Able to read the time from rtc.
> 2. Able to set the time
> 3. Time values are preserved between reboots
> Pls review the patch and let me know if you have any comments.
> I have following doubts
> 1. The support is applicable only to beaglebone black. It is not valid
> for beagleboard. Both of them seem to have same codebase.  Is there any compile
> time flags available to not compile the driver for beagleboard?

Look in the in the BSP. There is already a cpp define generated
based on the board variant for DM3730 or AM335x. Do you need more than
that? I am not an expert on the differences between the various models so
this is just a question.

If the RTC has to be ignored completely for some variants, the
logic can be enhanced to generate a conditional the can use
to conditionally build some files.

> 2. What is procedure to commit the change (In case the patch is
> accepted)? Do we need to open a bug to track the changes?
This normally would have been more than enough. But pinging if you don't
get a response in a reasonable length of time.

The patch didn't get included in my response so here are some odd comments.

+ "disabl" check spelling.
+ "Steps to enable RTC" should have "*" at front of each line in comment
+ spaces around equal signs
+ Don't print from driver
+ I see an unneeded blank line before closing } in some methods
+ Put ";" on busy spin loops on a separate line so it is obvious
   - if there is a known number of maximum spins, it should not
     lock up.
  - the spins do look the same so moving them to a subroutine
    and adding a maximum spin count would be a nice way to
   make the code more robust and clearer.
+ Rather than RTEMS_DEBUG, may want to use a BB_DEBUG
   or similar for debug code.
+ Watch columns lining up. RTC_Table comments don't line up
   and value column in register macros in .h don't either.
> Thanks,
> Ragunath

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