ANN: RDUC RTEMS Developers and Users Conference

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at
Thu Jan 22 09:29:30 UTC 2015


today I want to announce a planned event for June 2015: The

	First RTEMS Developers and Users Conference (RDUC).

Sharing ideas, problems, solutions and future visions via email and chat
is fine for the daily work, but the RTEMS community is now big enough to
justify a regular conference event.

We are in an early planning stage, but already want to ask you all to
save the date!

The first RDUC will be organized in good old Europe, in the area of
Munich, Germany.

This will be a two day event. The exact date is not yet fixed, but will
be most likely either 11./12. June or 18./19. June 2015.

The conference is intended for
- application developers using RTEMS in their systems,
- system developers interested in extending RTEMS,
- system architects looking for a reliable realtime system,
- and solution providers for the ecosystem around RTEMS

The individual sessions are not yet fixed, but a number of topics seem
interesting for presentation and discussion, like:

- best practices for RTEMS with small memory footprint
- RTEMS-SMP support: present and future
- debugging RTEMS systems with COTS tools
- applications with RTEMS: challenges, problems and solutions
- verification and validation: present infrastructure and future
- fancy plattforms for RTEMS
- distributed, fail safe systems
- christmas in June: RTEMS wishlist for the next years

Orga Team
The embedded brains RTEMS team will organize this conference, so if:

- you want to keep updated on this event
- you want to attend the conference
- you have ideas and recommendations
- you want to present your work

please send us an email on

rduc at

We will keep this list informed while we proceed with our plannings.

With kind regards,

Thomas Doerfler.

embedded brains GmbH
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D-82178 Puchheim
email: Thomas.Doerfler at
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