TMS570 header files update proposal #2

Pavel Pisa pisa at
Wed Jul 15 17:05:22 UTC 2015

Hello Martin and others,

new proposal for TMS570 headers update can be found
in branch "tms570-bsp-new-headers" of Premysl Houdek's
RTEMS development repository

The scripts and data obtained from manuals can be found there

The headers with registers description has been moved to "ti_herc"
subdirectrory and prefix "reg" has been added.
Rationale for subdirectory "ti_herc" existence is that this way
the headers would not clash with possible commercial projects
mix of headers with HalCoGen generated ones. We suggest name "ti_herc"
over "ti_hercules" because of path limit fear. We do not want to use
"tms570" either because there is high chance to use most of headers
for whole Hercules family (TMS570, RM48 and RM57). HalCoGen tries
to unite headers in the latest versions and license is changed to
permissive one but headers do not cover registers fields access well
and there are unneeded differences between family members because
headers are generated from more sources individual to each member.

The suggested headers sets follow stricture for fields access
according to expressed preference of RTEMS maintainers in the previous

The proposed change shold be send in patch form really soon, today,
tomorrow or Friday.

Registers names in the peripheral structures try to closely follow
names found in the manual and HalCoGen generated examples so for
long term/mainline project it should be easy to switch to this
headers set. It is possible even provide optionally included
header file which uses tms570 prefixed structures definitions
to provide HalCoGen named structures equivalent. But different
name in base definitions allows to use mix of headers for local

Thanks for constructive opinion/suggestions in advance.
We need this hard and no so interresting work to be done
soon to have chance to move forward to more instrresting

Best wishes,


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