TMS570 headers ready for review

Pavel Pisa pisa at
Tue Jun 2 13:39:03 UTC 2015

Hello all,

Premysl Houdek has prepared new and hopefully near ready
complete header files for TMS570LS3137 microcontroller.
They are based on PDF documentation and license is
RTEMS compatible. The scripts used during process can be
found in

The RTEMS updated and compiled with actual headers can be
found in his tms570-bsp branch

Please, look on the files and express your opinion.
The new temporary top level header files is tms5702.h.
It should replace tms570.h.

As for the header files organization, we propose to
move peripherals registers header files to the
subdirectory of BSP include path. But because Texas Instruments
IP blocks can appear even on slightly modified chips we
do not propose tms570 name. Our idea is to use "tmsreg" name
and use peripherals headers file names in lowercase form.
The files would be generally included from code through

Do you agree with proposal?
Have you some more ideas?

The adjustment of actual BSP sources for the new header files
is minimal. See separate commits. The BSP builds completely
with all examples. We plan more testing in next days.

Best wishes,


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