rtems-libbsd on multiple BSPs

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com
Tue Jun 16 14:16:25 UTC 2015


With a tool update, I have been able to build rtems-libbsd on
sparc/sis, arm/raspberrypi, and arm/xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu. I haven't
actually been able to run anything successfully though for
various reasons. See below:

(1) The waf configure doesn't fail when POSIX is disabled. You
     have to wait until the tests don't link to realize what is

(2) sparc/sis fails tests like sleep01 and mutex01 with this:

$ sis -i build/sparc-rtems4.11-sis/mutex01

*** BSD PANIC *** assertion "area != NULL" failed: file "../../rtemsbsd/rtems/rtems-bsd-page.c", line 132, function: rtems_bsd_page_init

(3) arm/raspberrypi built fine and I didn't try to run anything.

(4) arm/xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu built fine but I couldn't build qemu to
     run anything. The qemu build failed with this:

lt LINK vscclient
   LINK  qemu-bridge-helper
   CC    qmp-marshal.o
/usr/bin/ld: -f may not be used without -shared
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Help appreciated.

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