Cache issue with BBB networking

Marcos Díaz marcos.diaz at
Mon Jun 29 19:20:14 UTC 2015

I'm sorry but in the development of the porting of LWIP i couldn't give any
more time to the task, so when I reached that stage I just disabled the
I will try to give some time to that to see if i can help you, and of
course, let me know if you find something.
Sorry again

On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 3:16 PM, ragu nath <ragunath3252 at> wrote:

> Hi Marcos,
> I am working on porting ethernet driver for Beaglebone black from
> FreeBSD to rtems-libbsd as part of GSOC 2015. I ported the driver and
> got it working.
> But there was one issue I faced, similar to the one you mentioned in
> our earlier correspondence (regarding lwIP). You mentioned that the
> system crashes if cache is enabled.
> In my case, the Address Lookup Engine (ALE) is getting corrupted if
> cache is enabled. Because of this packet transmission failed sending
> out random junk packets. With cache disabled, networking is working.
> I am looking for options other than disabling cache as a whole. Is
> there any other option available?  Can you share the details of any of
> the things you tried and found not working?
> Thanks,
> Ragunath




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