Cache issue with BBB networking

ragu nath ragunath3252 at
Mon Jun 29 18:16:40 UTC 2015

Hi Marcos,

I am working on porting ethernet driver for Beaglebone black from
FreeBSD to rtems-libbsd as part of GSOC 2015. I ported the driver and
got it working.

But there was one issue I faced, similar to the one you mentioned in
our earlier correspondence (regarding lwIP). You mentioned that the
system crashes if cache is enabled.

In my case, the Address Lookup Engine (ALE) is getting corrupted if
cache is enabled. Because of this packet transmission failed sending
out random junk packets. With cache disabled, networking is working.

I am looking for options other than disabling cache as a whole. Is
there any other option available?  Can you share the details of any of
the things you tried and found not working?


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