Major SMP Improvements

Cudmore, Alan P. (GSFC-5820) alan.p.cudmore at
Fri May 15 13:11:21 UTC 2015

This does sound like a nice improvement. I would also like to put in my
vote for stable SMP on the LEON for 4.11.


On 5/15/15, 9:01 AM, "Daniel Hellstrom" <daniel at> wrote:

>Hello Sebastian,
>Thanks for your work! I havn't looked at your work but I have some
>On 05/15/2015 01:41 PM, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> It provides a major performance boost for SMP configurations, see
>> and
>> It was tested on the Altera Cyclone V, ESA/Gaisler NGMP and Freescale
>> platforms using the standard RTEMS testsuite, a randomized test case
>> covers the thread queue and watchdog implementation (it run several
>>days) and
>> with heavy load network traffic using the new network stack (it uses
>> of locks). After two years of work all tests pass now on the NGMP
>>platform in
>> uni-processor and SMP configurations.
>Sound very promising.
>> The BSPs compile and link the samples using the latest RSB based tool
>> (except targets with a broken compiler, e.g. AVR, Moxie).
>> With this patch set the SMP support of RTEMS can be considered to be
>> practically useful on targets with more than two processors.  This is
>> definitely not the case for the current Git master (possible RTEMS
>>4.11).  Also
>> timestamps are broken on SMP in the current Git master.  So it may make
>> to include this patch set in the RTEMS 4.11 release.  We don't have
>> RTEMS work in the next three months planned so this is the last big
>>change set
>> for a while.
>I just want to confirm this issue with the master branch. In order to use
>it on LEON in SMP configuration we had to make a hack in cpukit code to
>call the LEON timer code to make it work. It would of
>course be nice to have a fix for this in 4.11.
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